CPZ International

CPZ-International, The Centre for Knowledge Promotion is a research and development organisation. It is also registerd as a research organisation at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Slovenia.


The Centre specialises in evaluation, analysis and development of new systems of education, assessment and certification. It also specialises in organisation and quality control in educational processes, in promotion and public relations in education and in other related fields. The Centre keeps up to date with the latest developments in science and technology in various fields and uses them for new approaches in solving problems and for improving existing solutions. The Centre supports and aims to develop alternative approaches, solutions and inovations, which are effective and in accordance with further development, in varying cultural contexts and social circumstances.

Its present projects focus on evaluation of education systems, development of assessment systems, baseline studies in the field of education, various statistical analyses and preparing expert opinions for the introduction of changes into the national education system of Slovenia, in both general and professional/vocational education.

The Centre provides expertise and broad experience for the services offered as well as technical equipment for preparation and analysis of questionares. The Centre cooperates with many Slovene and foreign experts of different background.